Currently not at home, will be back in the evening.

Feel free to continue to ask questions! 

July 08, 2013



Hey guys, me here~

Yes, I know, shocker. I’m not dead.

I’ve been really busy lately prepping for A levels at the end of next year, hopefully I won’t be retained this year, and yes, it totally sucks, because as most of you remember, I only just ended my O Levels last year.


Anyways, this means that other than the fact that I live like half a country away and have like no life outside of school, I am woefully and very, very pathetically behind on watching the CL:E episodes.

I am trying my best to catch up, and do understand if I’m not answering any questions; I’m hoping to get some clues on how to answer them and let my answers still be canon in the CL:E universe as of the latest episode!

I love you all very very much. <3

Also, the askbox is always open! :)


PS- Hi to the new askulrich blog! Anyway, does this mean I have to change my name from askulrich to something else now? Oh well.

Don’t worry, I’m behind too :> I’ll probably have to ask Queenie about any CLE stuff before I answer CLE questions

Go follow my AskUlrich here okay she’s great :D

Nah keep the name, people know you anywayy

July 08, 2013

Other me…

July 07, 2013

may-tine asked:
i thought this was a dead account?

[[ I was drowning in a ton of work over the year, but I’m back now. Well, almost. But nope, can’t get rid of me yet! ]]

July 07, 2013

Clearing my inbox for fresh new questions! 

Ask away!

July 07, 2013

ha ha ha ha

ha ha ha ha

June 16, 2013

Hey, folks, how y’all doin tonight 

Two finals next week and I am done with school. ANd I’ll be back. Miss you guys <3


June 14, 2013

ramonadevault-deactivated201306 asked:
"Nice to meet you too." -light chuckle- "It's been nearly an entire school year and I had yet to run into you in particular. Did you just switch here...?"

Nah, I’ve been away for most of the year. Personal reasons, but I’m good now. (ps ask my rp blog :»)

May 12, 2013

ramonadevault-deactivated201306 asked:
"The name's Ramona Devault. Nice to meet ya Odd. I feel like I've met you so many times before... heh." -awkward smile-

Well, I’m the one and only Odd Della Robbia! Nice to meet ya.

May 12, 2013

ramonadevault-deactivated201306 asked:
"Hello there..." -smiles and waves-

Hey, how’s it going? I’m Odd. And you?

May 12, 2013




Wow I haven’t been here in a while does anyone know who I am anymore


May 12, 2013

Hey, everyone. It’s been a little over a year now since I started this blog, and man, it’s been a wild ride. I’m sorry to say this, but I’m not going to be able to run this blog anymore… Things have been so hectic and I haven’t updated this blog in so long that I might as well just stop.

It really has been a wild ride. I met so many people here and I have all of my lovely followers (seriously, how are you guys still here?) and I’m so blessed to have you all. Sorry for having to leave, but thanks, everyone.

More under the cut :>

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April 01, 2013


Tag your voice meme Code Lyoko Voice Meme so we can all hear your lovely voices!

February 16, 2013

ARTIST: Oddmod
TRACK: CL Voice Meme?
ALBUM: what do i put here
119 plays
February 16, 2013

Voice Meme for the Mods! 

I saw this somewhere on tumblr and decided to make one for the group, if you guys want to. I’ll post mine soon!

  1. Introduce yourself! What character do you play, what is your name (real or internet or both, whichever), and where do you live? If you don’t want to answer this, just skip!
  2. How did you find out about Code Lyoko? What is your number one favorite character? What is your favorite moment in CL/CLE?
  3. Introduce your character! If it is a canon character, what made you want to be him/her (similarities, crush, etc)? If it is an OC, what inspired you to make him/her? 
  4. What are your character’s current relationships with other characters, in roleplays or otherwise?
  5. What was your favorite memory through RPing?
  6. What are your OTPs, canon or not? 
  7. What was the most emotional moment through RPing? (yes, choose ONE haha)
  8. Who, if anyone, inspired you to RP?
  9. Do you have a mod crush? If so, who? (You don’t have to answer this one if you don’t want to)
  10. I think we can end this here…. any parting words?

If any non-mod would like to do this meme, go right ahead!

February 14, 2013